NAMSS 5th Annual Industry Roundtable Breakdown

NAMSS or the National Association of Medical Staff Services held their 5th annual roundtable discussion in Washington DC last month. Complete with industry leaders from across the medical staff services field the title of the discussion was “The Future of Digital Credentialing”. The discussion follows a similar 2017 discussion about the advent of new technologies in the world of credentialing. Major areas of focus were: “Process over Technology, Standardization Has proved Useful, Records Are Changing, Monetization Needs to be Addressed, Data Delineation, and Security and Risk Management are Essential.”

New technologies are not everything

The 2018 roundtable acted as a continuation of the 2017 discussion. However, the focus shifted from the implementation of technology to the development of a competent process to manage that technology. The purchase and use of new technology cannot be fully utilized if the individuals using it are not fully trained and, continue to implement a plan involving technology’s place within credentialing.

Standardization key to improvement

Another topic of the roundtable was the implementation of standardization in the process of credentialing. The old manner of credentialing was already standardized and utilizing that ridged format for digital credentialing can lend not only ease to the administrator, but also lessen the amount of time it takes to complete applications.

EMRs are not just for patients anymore

Electronic records according to the NAMSS roundtable are becoming a larger and larger part credentialing, especially digital credentialing. EMR or Electronic Medical Records are an ever-growing part of the patient experience. This is mirrored on the provider’s side as well. Providers are receiving more and more credentialing information electronically cutting down on the paper work and making institution-to-institution interaction easier.

Data Security

With personal data of providers across the country becoming more and more digital. The topic of security around that data becomes a bigger and bigger issue. The steps taken to be able to effectively access provider data for credentialing, and at the same time not have that data fall into the wrong hands was discussed.

How we can assist you

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To learn more about this topic or NAMSS see the link below.

Source: NAMSS 2018 Roundtable Report – National Association of Medical Staff Services. May 10 2018



NAMSS will be hosting a national conference discussing topics like these and other items related to Medical Staff Services September 29th through October 3rd in Long Beach California. To learn more about this conference, or to register to attend click below.

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