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Running a healthcare practice today has never been more difficult. From constantly shifting regulations, to insurmountable levels of paperwork managing a practice traps administrators behind desks and keeps them from what they should be doing, running their practice. That is why CREDibility CVO works with the practice administrators to free them from time spent behind desks. To let the practice administrator, do what they are supposed to do manage people, not paperwork.

CREDibility CVO’s mission is to “To honor the trust the trust placed in us by serving our clients well.” That motto extends to all parts of our organization, so we may better assist all parts of your organization. Some of our core services to assist your practice include:

Managed Care Contracting

We ensure that your contacts work for you, by examining your current contacts, and negotiating new ones with a customized strategy built for you.

Fee Schedule Analysis & Data Analytics

Powerful data can lead to powerful results. Our data driven approach provides answers to administrator’s most pressing questions.

Primary Source Verification

We verify not only licenses but also: education and training, board certification, and work history for a seamless verification process.

Delegated Credentialing & Roster Maintenance

Enrolling new providers in to plans, while ensuring your existing provider’s information remains accurate.

Physician Monitoring

Let us monitor the paperwork, you monitor the people. We maintain providers’ paperwork and keep an eye out for expiring credentials, sanctions, and Medicare opt-outs

Pre-Employment Screening

We credential new providers into your practice and have them ready to go before they even walk in the door.

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