Credibility is here to assist you in all parts of your business. Our services include:


Pre-Employment Screening


Credentialing a new provider is damaging to the bottom line for an administrator. It takes time and energy away from assisting your practice. CREDibility is here to ease that burden. We do the paperwork for you, and prepare the provider before they even walk in the door.


Primary Source Verification


CREDibility ensures the verification process for providers moves as quickly and smoothly as possible.We verify not only licences but also: education and training, board certification, and work history. We follow the criteria set forth by The Joint Commission (TJC), National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQH), and Utilization Review Accreditation and Commission (URAC).

Physician Monitoring

Provider MonitoringOnce providers are in your practice, the job of maintaining their paperwork is never done. CREDibility can monitor that for you. We keep a careful eye out for expiring credentials, sanctions against your providers, and Medicare opt-outs. You should be monitoring people not paperwork.


Delegated Credentialing and Roster Maintenance

Delegated Credentialing and Roster Maintenance

Credentialing providers into plans can seemingly take forever. We simplify this process for you. CREDibility credentials new providers into your plans, while also ensuring your existing providers’ information is accurate. Your mind should be focused on running a good practice, not worrying if you are going to receive denials because a provider is not participating with a plan.

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